• Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/10ml

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Testosterone cypionate is an oil based testosterone product which will result in a rise of testosterone concentrations for several days after administration, followed by elevated levels for approximately two weeks. Popular with our friends over the other side of the pond, cypionate is a favoured choice among American athletes who claim the ester brings about a better result the that of the enanthate ester. Truth is, testosterone cypionate is very similar to that of the testosterone enanthate apart from the enanthate being one carbon atom lighter, which will bring about unnoticeable differences to the end user. The enanthate may contain slightly more testosterone due to the ester being included in the total milligram weight, but this amount will be minimal and not worth being concerned about. So out of the choice of the two products, choose the one in which you can get cheapest and pharma grade.

Like the enanthate ester, cypionate is usually injected weekly or biweekly in order to keep concentrations as stable as possible. Similar doses to that of enanthate should also bring about decent gains, 250-750mg a week. Going above these levels will bring about more pronounced estrogenic and androgenic side effects, which may bring about a situation in which the extra gains are not worth the side effects.


Be aware of companies that sell anything over 300mg's per ml, first off you cannot make a product with much over that amount, the active raw material just doesn't fit, also when you get over 250mg's per ml you are going to get a lot of scare tissue in your injections and these higher concentrated shots will be very painful! This is why real pharmaceutical companies never go above 250mg's per ml. So don't waste your money, they are scamming you and your just going to end up with a lot of large sore lumps of scare tissue!

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/10ml

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