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A deca cycle tends to be particularly effective during bulking phases, stacked with other steroids for a synergistic effect. The versatility and tried-and-tested nature of deca has made it one of the most popular steroids available.

Can deca be taken by itself?

Yes, deca only cycles are not unheard of. Eight weeks of 400mg per week is a fairly standard deca only cycle. PCT would begin three weeks after the last injection.

That said, some caution is needed. Deca by itself will cause notable shut down of the body’s natural testosterone production even when taking modest dosages. With little to no testosterone in your system you will most likely notice the associated side effects of low testosterone, such as a much reduced sex drive. This is one of the reasons why stacking deca with a form of testosterone, most commonly Testosterone Enanthate, is very popular.

Truth is, it’s difficult to see any real upside to using deca by itself. It’s best stacked with other steroids where it complements the cycle with the added muscle growth associated with deca use while the user is not affected by the testosterone shut down effects experienced during a deca only cycle.

Common deca cycles and doses

Deca isn’t usually used during cutting phases due to the amount of water retention it tends to produce. It’s far more commonly used along with other steroids during a bulking phase, when the addition of more muscle mass is the primary aim.

As mentioned, stacking deca durabolin with testosterone is a smart choice. The testosterone ester doesn’t matter a great deal, but for the convenience of less frequent injections a longer ester such as Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate or even Sustanon 250 (which is a mix of esters) are popular picks.

Deca - Durabolin 250mg/10ml

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