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Forever remembered as the drug of choice during the East German state-sponsored doping program, oral Turinabol is a unique steroid that is no longer produced by any pharmaceutical company but is available from several reputable underground labs. While it’s mainly remembered for helping the East Germans dominate Olympic Games, today the steroid remains a useful option for bodybuilders and other athletes.

Much like Anavar, Turinabol is a steroid that possesses notable anabolic qualities, yet minimal androgenic traitsIt also doesn’t aromatise, making oestrogenic side effects non-existent.

With such qualities it is little wonder that the drug was safely and effectively used in a clinical setting to help build and retain lean body mass in patients, including women and children. The drug was produced by the East German pharmaceutical company Jenapharm and went on to be the steroid of choice during the East German doping program that ran during the seventies and eighties. Unfortunately due to the fallout of the scandal the drug was withdrawn and has not been legitimately produced since.

What to expect from Turinabol

Produced by several underground labs in tablet form, oral Turinabol is generally more expensive than many other steroids. Given its price you may expect it to produce better results than cheaper alternatives… yet you’d probably be left disappointed.

Truth is, if you’re looking for an easy to source, cost-effective steroid to pack on mass then you’d be much better off opting for a Dianabol cycle, or for those who are not needle-shy – a good old Testosterone cycle.

So, what’s the attraction of Turinabol? Turinabol may prove a good option for those who are prone to side effects and are therefore looking for a steroid that doesn’t convert to oestrogen nor has strong androgenic qualities. But even with such a wish list many will instead opt for Anavar, which is generally preferred as a quality, albeit expensive, lean muscle builder.

Ran on its own for bodybuilding purposes, 60-80mg per day for eight weeks is a fairly common choice. The user may expect to gain around half a stone of high quality tissue post cycle when following a good training regime and high protein/calorie bulking diet.

Given its qualities, Turinabol is also a popular choice for cutting and pre-contest cycles where the aim is to preserve muscle tissue during the catabolic environment brought about from cardio and dieting.

Thanks to the East Germans and their meticulous record keeping the exceptional performance enhancing effects of Turinabol are laid bare. To illustrate, a female shot putter with 14 years of prior clean training under her belt began her first doping program with three cycles of Turinabol over the season which consisted of between 5-15mg per day. Before she embarked on her doping regime she had a reasonable personal best performance of a little under 18m, but after her three Turinabol cycles she broke the world record with a throw of 21.1m, a giant gain for someone who was already at the cusp of her genetic potential! Records show she was administered increased dosages after this, working up to 35mg per day, which enabled her to exceed her previous best and throw 20.2m. Of interest, even long after she ceased her doping program she still had a throw that was roughly one meter further than her previous clean best, indicating that doping has long lasting residual effects. So much for 2-4 year bans, eh?

Potential side effects

As we’ve already discussed, Turinabol doesn’t convert to oestrogen so related side effects such as Gynecomastia is not an issue. The gains you get during a Turinabol cycle also tend to by quality, dry and are often kept post cycle, opposed to temporary watery weight gains often associated with the likes of Dianabol.

Having a low androgenic profile ensures you’re unlikely to experience much in the way of acne, oily skin, aggressiveness and accelerated baldness when cycling Turinabol by itself, unless you’re particularly prone.

One fairly common side effect from Turinabol is uncomfortable pumps, with the lower back, calf and shins particularly susceptible, which can often ruin a workout. A tried and tested remedy for combating the pumps is supplementing with Taurine, beginning with 5g a day but many find a higher dose is required. Also ensure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.

Always ensure you run a PCT at the end of your cycle to help restore your hormone levels.

Stacking Turinabol

An often overlooked quality of Turinabol is its ability to reduce SHBG levels. To explain, SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is a protein that binds to the sex hormones androgen and oestrogen. By reducing its level we can bring about an environment in which there is a greater quantity of free testosterone and an enhancement of other steroids you may be taking. As you may have concluded, this makes Turinabol and effective choice to stack with other steroids.

Turinabol 50mg/52 Tabs

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