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Boldenone is an injectable androgenic anabolic steroid that is liquid at room temperature, and is similar to testosterone in its chemical structure. Boldenone is also commonly known as "Equipoise", the veterinary injectable that is commonly used on horses due to its pronounced ability to increase lean body mass and increase appetite. Being a mildly strong anabolic and a weak androgenic steroid, boldenone has only recently became popular since many respected underground labs have produced the steroid in higher concentrations. Boldenone has been shown to be useful for steroid users, although these effects only start to become pronounced and worthwhile at dosages of 600mg per week and more. The popular veterinary product, Ganabol, was only available at concentrations of 50mg per 1ml, which is obviously not very convenient for those wishing to administer 600mg or more per week. Underground labs saw this gap and started producing boldenone at greater concentrations for athletes, something which fortunately is possible due to no crystallisation likely to take place upon injection.

Boldenone does convert to oestrogen, although at a lower rate than testosterone. It would be unwise to discard the possibility of oestrogenic related side effects, with gynecomastia a possibility in those using the higher dosages or prone to oestrogen side effects. Due to its lower aromatisation rate water retention is usually lower on boldenone compared to that of testosterone.

Androgenic side effects can be expected from boldenone, although such side effects are obviously dose dependant and also down to how prone the user is to such side effects. Acne, hair loss and other androgenic side effects can become more apparent in greater dosages, and when stacking the steroid with other androgenic steroids such as testosterone.

Boldenone should lead to steady gains in muscle mass, and has become a popular addition to many cycles due to its characteristics. Boldenone's ability to increase appetite is a welcome addition to many bodybuilders who embark on a mass building cycle and need large quantities of food to grow. This becomes even more welcome when we consider how many steroids can lead to a decrease in appetite when taken in larger dosages. Boldenone is also very popular among athletes due to its ability to increase red blood cells, allowing for a greater amount of oxygen to be carried, and therefore enhance ones performance when performing aerobic events.

Boldenone (equipose) anabolic steroid cycles

Novice user's cycle

600mg of boldenone stacked with another steroid (such as testosterone enanthate), for 10-12 weeks.

Intermediate/Advanced user's cycle

800mg-1000mg of boldenone per week for 10+ weeks, stacked with other anabolic androgenic steroids.

Equipoise/Boldenone U. 200mg/10ml

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